Current project, 10.2023-03.2024. 

Reconceptualising human rights as societal rights in the networked digital society


The research aims to analyse current human rights theory and practice in order to see whether the interpretation of human rights could be extended to deal with "societal rights

Societal rights

The research is based on the assumption that a number of micro-human rights violations take place in the online environment that are currently below the threshold of perception, or not seen as actionable for other reasons. The accumulated volume of these violations generate a societal harm. Beyond addressing these harms merely through legislative policy, the research suggests an official recognition of this phenomenon in the human rights jurisprudence, proposing the term "societal rights". 

Research questions

1. What is the relationship between the public good and individual rights, and how can "societal rights" be defined as a hybrid? 

2. Based on the teleological interpretation of rights, is there a need to re-define the extent of the positive obligations of the state? Alternatively, to re-define or specify the horizontal effects of rights? 

Past Projects

AI, Human Rights and Ethics. An interactive, international, interdisciplinary online course for MA and PhD students. Funded by DAAD IVAC grant. 

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"Women in Research" Fellowship at the University of Münster

Research questions: 

- How to achieve pluralism in the platform sphere?

- Where should be the limits of social media platforms' freedom to govern the public discourse? 



Institute for Telecommunication, Information and Media Law at the University of Münster, Public Law Branch. More

Director: Prof. Dr. Bernd Holznagel LLM. 

Online Course on International Media Law for the University of Kiyev. 

Further information on the Ukrainan project of ITM here. 

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