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AI and Ethics

AI technology empowers human action. We can become faster, reach farther, our hits become more accurate. The changes that AI bring about, do not fall short of those caused by the first industrial revolution: a restructuring of societal, economic and international order. 

My vision is that AI solutions enable the mankind to manage its current pressing problems, such as sustainability, climate change, food crisis, health crisis and the living standards. 

In order to get there, AI applications' have to respect human rights not only at the micro level, but at multiple levels: when defining the purpose of AI applications, their design, their use, and granting equal access to AI. Moreover, in order to ensure that it serves the public good, also its governance should be democratised. This requires that the importance as well as the risks and opportunities of AI are fully embraced by the researchers' community, the political class and society as well (beyond the economic actors). 

The missing link

Researchers of disinformation have argued in the past few years that the causal link between disinformation actions and the harm that they caused was missing. However, by today, ample data has been accumulated to establish the causal relationship. This, however, is not between individual actors and individual victims. 


Some of the actors or some of the victims can be identified, but even if not, statistical evidence can be shown on how many were effected. (The impact of disinformation ranges from personal, financial, health and political decisions, it may effect the bodily integrity or life of affected persons and always impacts their right to receive information. )


Although the consequences are indirect, and the people may be unidentified, but it is possible to (1) track the way of information online to see how it spread and reached people, and (2) define the number of persons who became effected, whose rights were violated. 

Media pluralism


European Digital Public Discourse


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