WiRe: The University of Münster’s Fellowship Programme for Young Female Scientists (more)
Project title: Is there a constitutional justification to regulate social media with the aim to improve pluralism and diversity of the entire media scene? 

In the frames of the WIRE project I  explore the constitutional background behind the latest regulation of online communicative actions through platforms. Online platforms occupy a crucial space between speakers (or providers of content) and audience. They aggregate and organise information, and practically they make content selection decisions on behalf of their users. Platforms decide what should get more publicity and what should get suppressed. My research question is: where should the limits of platforms’ freedom to govern the public discourse lie? Who should be in charge of defining these priorities, or supervising platforms’ content management? 
My intro on WiRe Blog

Research questions: 

  • How are informational rights effected in the digital age by information technology and AI? 
  • How can regulation care for the ethical design and use of  AI? 
  • Is there a way to assign platforms a productive role to improve democracy and human rights?   

These questions guide my research in the recent years.

My background is media law, where my main interest has been how media regulation can enhance the media's democratic role, freedom of expression, media freedom and pluralism. 

My specific fields are disinformation, media freedom and pluralism in the European Union, strategic litigation against public participation, and online hate speech. My take on these issues is unique because I combine my background in communication science, political science and law. 

Judit Bayer, PhD. habil. 


Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Information, Telecommunication and Media Law, University of Münster

Associate Professor in the Department of Communication of the Budapest Business University of A.S. 

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