Research Communication

ACUME Research Communication on Disinformation and Propaganda

1. What motivated you to work in the field of law?

As a lawyer, I found inspiration in discussing why a law is like it is. Why does a society have the rules that they have? Why not others? Could law be better? And, as a purpose, I found interest in nothing else than making life better for as many people as possible, for which aim the protection of human rights seemed to fit the best.

7. If time and money were no object: Which research project would you like to do?

I would study the human mind in operation with all possible new technological tools, including AI, Big Data processing, and learning everything about human nature. However, there would be still another concern: that this knowledge will get then into the wrong hands! So then, I would have to make sure that the knowledge is disseminated to be known by everybody, to be prepared against misuse – and then we are at my current research project

14. What direct or indirect relevance does your research have for society?

Free and plural media is indispensable for democratic functioning. Democracy is the proven best form of governance, but it has lots of conditions, and a functional media system is one of them. The structure of public communication has completely transformed in the past decades. Social media networks contain enormous opportunity, but they can also be easily misused to pursue particular political, or economic purposes. My research focuses on how to find a new balance between individual rights, corporate interests and social values that keep our societies running. This balance should be applied in legal policymaking and in jurisprudence to govern platform communication, the development and regulation of the media landscape, and the overall usage of algorithms and AI.

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